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​What to say about the beaches of Corralejo, judge for yourself, this is an incomparable part of the Canary Islands both for the quality and for the paradisiacal images but above all because they are virgin beaches, without overcrowding, you can get lost without running into other people . All of them are in great condition for swimming, but when the wind is present they are unbeatable for kiting, windsurfing and surfing. With the flat sea it is an opportunity for snorkeling that will allow you to discover a rich and beautiful seabed. Below we give you some advice on the best-known and most beautiful beaches, they are a must visit if what you were looking for were paradisiacal and deserted beaches. Most of these beaches are located a few minutes from our Accommodation in the center of Corralejo and if you came without a car we offer you bicycles so you do not miss these gifts of nature.


Guest Experience


The great beaches of Corralejo are one of the most photographed paradisiacal beaches in the Canary Islands and of course one of the most beautiful in all of Europe. This natural park has endless kilometers of white sand dunes. Beaches and coves that make up one of the treasures of the Canary Islands. And one of them is Flag Beach, 2 kilometers from the city and known worldwide for lovers of kitesurfing, windsurfing and surfing.


It is located next to the Flag beach, it is a smaller beach than the Flag beach and it is a place very frequented by windsurfers, kiters and surfers but also by bathers who seek calm waters due to its shape that protects it from the waves On its shore, although inside, lovers of water sports are enjoying good wave and wind conditions.

You can park right in front of the beach and you don't have to walk to get to the shore.


It is the closest beach in Corralejo for the surf schools par excellence. Its conditions are ideal for beginners to this sport. Small waves in the area closest to the shore of the beach help to make contact with the surf safely and easily. When the waves do not make an appearance, it becomes a fantastic beach for bathers and also for diving and snorkelling. The parking lot is very close to the beach and that is why it is a very crowded beach


It is a beach located between the Flag beach and the Donkey beach, actually it is the continuation of the Flag beach, it continues to have the same characteristics as the other beaches in the Corralejo natural park, that is, a paradise for those who seek Caribbean beaches.


It is the surf beach for those who already have more level. It is a beach with stones that only surfers have the courage to cross to reach the most popular surf peak for experts and intermediates.

The wave is inside, you have to row to reach the peak but it is worth going in because the conditions are magnificent. The beach is in the same city, right next to the luxury hotel Bahia Real. It is parked on Poris street.


It has several beaches in the same town.

All have access from the streets that lead to the beach. They all have a wide range of restaurants, bars and shops and are magnificent for enjoying a swim without having to travel or go outside the urban center.

These beaches are sheltered from the inclemencies of the waves so present in the rest of the beaches.

They are a good option for families with children who seek closeness and tranquility.



It is a protected space that is located just over 2 kilometers from Corralejo. It can be easily visited from Fuerteventura and enjoy a spectacular day on this islet made up of beaches, coves and natural pools. The interior is made up of sandbanks, lava bubbles and steep slopes. To visit the island you can take a taxi boat. 


are other of the beautiful and paradisiacal beaches of the island. It is located approximately 20 kilometers from Corralejo and is a piece of paradise full of peace and tranquility. White sand, volcanic rock and turquoise waters.

This paradise is located on the right side of the urban center of El Cotillo and you can park in front of the beach.

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