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Guest Experience

Image by Eddy Billard


In order to help the FUERTEVENTURA GUEST EXPERIENCE family to rent a car without unnecessary surprises or costs, we offer you our experience below.

It can be rented online and with that you know the price before arriving and above all you will not find yourself with the possibility that there were no cars available. If you want to search the internet, I advise you to look for companies such as Autoreisen, Cicar, they are the most recommended companies according to independent annual customer evaluation reports and in our case we can corroborate this information with our own experience.

In most cases, if you choose the airport office to pick up your car, the price is somewhat cheaper than if you choose an office in Corralejo. Even so, Cicar, for example, has an office in Corralejo and there are no price differences, so if you have not rented a car until you get to Corralejo, this company offers you the same prices and in this way you do not need to go to the airport to find it. the best offer. If you have not rented online, you can go to the offices that are located at the airport or in Corralejo and if you do so, remember that you may find that there are no cars available or that if there are, the prices may be a little more expensive. that if you do it with time.

You should know that if you do not have a credit card, most rental companies will ask you to take out full coverage insurance and that will make the daily cost much more expensive, but the companies that we have recommended do not do so and this may be one of them. the arguments of the clients to value them better. Even so, some companies accept a debit card but you must confirm that before hiring, and be careful because many accept the debit card when you book online but when you arrive at the office you are surprised that they do not accept them at the end of the Procedure.


When returning the car to the rental company, you should keep in mind that most of the clients arrive just in time to catch our flight and the process of returning the car sometimes forces us to waste a few minutes that we do not have, for This is why on numerous occasions the employees allow you to leave the car parked so that they can check it when the time comes. The problem is that you will not be there when they make the report and they may indicate that the car was returned dirty or with some scratch that it presumably did not have when you picked it up. If you are there at that moment you can make the employee see that the scratch was already there or that the car is not really dirty, but if you are not there since you are already in the billing queue and the report is negative you will find yourself with the surprise that the company will charge you an additional cost for cleaning, for damages or even for not having filled the deposit as you should, so we advise you not to leave the car until it has been checked, the report has been delivered to you in hand. So you should arrive with a few minutes more time than you calculate and manage to have the necessary time for them to deliver the positive delivery report.

Another detail is driving through the dunes or dirt roads that the companies do not allow unless you insure the car at all risks.

And one piece of advice to keep in mind is that when you arrive at the magnificent beaches of the Corralejo or Jandia dunes and you want to park the car on the side of the road to get that magnificent photo, be very careful where you park because if there is sand, possibly You will be stuck in it and you will not be able to get the car out of there easily. Every day dozens of cars get stuck in the sand and waste valuable vacation time waiting for the tow truck to get them out of ther


In Corralejo there are many other offices and some of them with much more expensive prices.


It is the offices on the main streets of Corralejo that are waiting for uninformed tourists and thus charge them more. So if they give you prices that you consider expensive, you already have enough information here to get an economic price.


Report monthly magazine FUERTEXTRA which refers to the valuation of car rental companies in Fuerteventura for the year 2019.


-Consumer Group has warned British tourists about which car hire companies they should avoid this summer. The Spanish company Goldcar was last in the rankings for the fifth time in six years, since 38 percent of customers said they would not use the firm again. Two out of five customers reported problems with the operator that served them, problems generally related to changes in credit cards and poor service. This rental giant, which has a regular run, is owned by Europcar, which earned criticism for the worst performance of all the major brands. According to the Wich magazine report, the second worst car rental company is Interent and the third worst is Firefly. Meanwhile , Cicar ranked first in the ranking followed by Autoreisen 

Image by Eddy Billard
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