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Image by Alex Meier


On the Island of Fuerteventura and in Corralejo in particular there are 4 large supermarket brands. In addition, there are many small shops such as minimarkets that are generally found in the old part of Corralejo. As for the large supermarkets, the brands are Super Dino, Spar, Mercadona and Lidl.


Mercadona supermarket: prices are cheap, it offers a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh fish and meat, as well as any other cleaning product, drinks, bakery, and food in general. The only Mercadona supermarket that exists in Corralejo (Here you have the location on googlemaps) is located in the part of the Natural Park that is the area furthest from the beach in the upper part of Corralejo. The advantage of going to this supermarket is that right next to it there is a Lidl supermarket so that you can combine purchases between both supermarkets.


Dino Supermarket: it has two brands that must be distinguished as there are many in the city but one is Super Dino Express, it differs from the standard Super Dino because the first has a yellow entrance sign while the second is white . The difference between the two is that the Express is more expensive than the standard Super Dino. The Express are smaller, have less variety and are more expensive, but sometimes they are closer to us and in urgent cases they can be convenient for us. Super Dino Express has one just 300 meters from our Aloha Surf House, in the roundabout where there are shops and surf schools, at Calle Pedro y Guy Vandaele, 22 (Here you have the location on googlemaps), there is another Super Dino Express 100 meters from our Kaktus Beach House right at the beginning of Avenida Nuestra Señora del Carmen (Here you have the location of googlemaps).

Super Dino Standard has very affordable prices like the other three large supermarkets and there is a wide variety of food products as well as fresh meat and fish, fruits and vegetables, bakery, etc. Super Dino is located at street level from the El Centro Comercial Bell tower that is 950 meters from our Aloha Surf House (Here you have the location of googlemaps). There is another Super Dino in the center of Corralejo just 300 meters from our Nomad Surf House on Calle Pizarro, 33 (Here you have the location on googlemaps).


Spar Supermarket, is located in the Las Palmeras Shopping Center, 1.1 kilometers and about a 15-minute walk from our Aloha Surf House, 800 meters from our Kaktus Beach House and 1 kilometer from the Nomad Surf House and has the same characteristics of the two other large supermarkets. There is another Super Spar in the center of Corralejo on Calle Bajo Mejillon, 9, (Here you have the location on googlemaps) and 600 meters from our Nomad Surf House.

​Lidl supermarket, right next to Mercadona, with a wide variety of products, good prices and the convenience of being able to combine two supermarkets in a single trip.

We cannot suggest a large supermarket in particular, there is not a great difference between one compared to the other, that is, of the three big brands there is not one that is especially better than the other, their offer and their prices are similar, their hours are from 8:30 a.m. from the morning to 10 pm, all have parking.

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