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Qué actividades para parejas en Corralejo



Fuerteventura offers one of the clearest, light pollution-free skies in the world. Providing the perfect opportunity to contemplate stars, planets and other celestial bodies with astonishing clarity. In addition, the mild and pleasant climate all year round in Fuerteventura is special for these outdoor activities, whether summer or winter, you will always find the ideal night to lose yourself in contemplation of the sky.

Below, we present three very special places where you can enjoy these phenomena:

Corralejo dunes:

Located in the north of the island, the Corralejo Dunes Natural Park is a place that seems straight out of a dream. Its expanses of white sand create a spectacular desert landscape that, under the light of the moon and stars, transforms into an almost ethereal setting. You can find a comfortable place on the sand to enjoy the view, it is advisable to bring blankets or folding chairs for greater enjoyment. Binoculars and mobile astronomy apps become your best allies for identifying constellations, planets, and, if you're lucky, some shooting stars.


Calderón Hondo:


Visiting Calderón Hondo at night under the stars is a magical experience that combines the tranquility of the natural environment with the majesty of the night sky. This ancient volcano, located near the small town of Lajares, offers a unique setting for stargazing and a deep connection with nature. The ascent to Calderón Hondo is a moderate hike that is best done while it is still light. The well-marked trail takes you to the crater rim, where the panoramic views of the landscape are simply spectacular.

Los Molinos:

Due to its secluded location and low light pollution, it is ideal for astronomy. Equipped with red light flashlights so as not to alter night vision, warm clothing to protect yourself from the cool of the night, and binoculars or a telescope, everything is ready for an unforgettable night under the stars. Upon arrival, the view of the small reservoir and the rocky surroundings already suggest a magical night. The perfect place to settle is sought, preferably an elevated or clear area that offers a panoramic view of the sky. the mills, with its serene and noise-free environment, allows for a deep connection with the universe.


With professional guides:

If you are looking for a more professional excursion, with specialized guides or simply doing it in a group, we offer you 3 discounted vouchers in different places. Stars by Night is the only AstroTurismo business on the island of Fuerteventura, established in 2012.



Stargazing in the Corralejo Dunes



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Stargazing at Los Molinos



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Sunset to Moonirise - Full Moon Volcano Hike



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In the art of pottery, as in love, patience and dedication are essential. When two pairs of hands meet over the clay, they shape not only a work of art but also their connection. Thus, piece by piece, they create lasting memories, forging a love as resilient and beautiful as the pottery itself.

In Corralejo you have several places to practice, but one of the best known is CERAMICI. 
In this place they give you guidance in creating a piece using fundamental ceramic techniques. In addition, they give you the opportunity to personalize it with slips, textures and reliefs. They are responsible for the firing and glazing process. Then the piece that is made is taken to bake, and it is ready to take home. This workshop includes all necessary tools, materials and baking. 
Also provides an opportunity to learn about Fuerteventura's rich craft tradition, creating lasting memories while exploring your creativity together.



Sunset to Moonirise - Full Moon Volcano Hike



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Visiting the markets of Fuerteventura is a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the authentic local culture, discover handmade crafts, taste fresh products and gastronomic delights, and take home unique souvenirs while supporting the local economy in a sustainable way. Enjoy the vibrant atmosphere and diversity that these colorful markets offer in every corner of the island.Below we show you 3 of the busiest in Corralejo and surrounding areas:

BAKU Market :


​It is celebrated in the center of town, specifically in the Plaza Patricio Calero. It is known for its wide variety of crafts, clothing, accessories and local products.

  • Days: Tuesday and Friday.

  • Hours: From 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

  • Location: Acua Water Park.


Corralejo market:


This market is one of the best known in Fuerteventura. It is characterized by its lively atmosphere and wide range of products, from fresh food to second-hand items and crafts in silver, glass, leather and ceramics. In addition to shopping, visitors can enjoy live music and sample local cuisine. It is distinguished since only objects from Fuerteventura are sold.

  • Days: Thursdays and Sundays

  • Hours: From 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

  • Location: Campanario Shopping Center

Paseos del Arte  :


If you are looking for a bohemian atmosphere with a hippie vibe, this is the right one. Where the warm tones of the sunset give it a romantic touch, and the waves also make the atmosphere musical. Visitors can explore the stalls of local artisans and discover unique and authentic pieces.

  • Friday: Churruca Street

  • Saturdays: pedestrian area of ​​the church

  • Hours: 4 to 10 p.m.




Fuerteventura offers several spectacular places to snorkel, thanks to its clear waters rich in marine life. Tips for Snorkeling in Fuerteventura:

  • Equipment: Make sure you bring appropriate equipment, such as a mask, snorkel, and fins. You can rent equipment at many water sports shops on the island.

  • Safety: Always snorkel with others and stay alert to sea conditions.

  • Sun Protection: Use waterproof sunscreen and consider wearing a lycra shirt to protect yourself from the sun.

  • Conservation: Respect the marine environment, avoid touching the corals and do not feed the fish.

These locations offer some of the best snorkeling experiences in Fuerteventura, with opportunities to see a rich variety of marine life in a safe and beautiful environment.



Here are some of the best places to enjoy snorkeling on the island:

1. Isla de Lobos

2. Playa de Jandía

3. Caleta de Fuste



The island offers a perfect subtropical climate all year round, crystal clear waters and varied landscapes.  Additionally, marine life is abundant and allows you to see colorful fish, turtles and dolphins while you paddle. Fuerteventura also has numerous schools and equipment rental shops, facilitating access to this sport for both beginners and experts. All this makes Fuerteventura an ideal destination to enjoy SUP in an impressive natural environment.



Thalasso Spa:


A good way to end any tourist day is by enjoying a spa treatment in one of the specialized centers on the island. Among them is the Thalasso Spa at Barceló Fuerteventura, which offers a suggestive therapy called 'Fuerteventura Desert Experience'. This treatment combines the properties of volcanic stone and aloe vera, two products from the island.



Spa Circuit 2 hours & Cocktail:


2-hour Spa Circuit in the Secrets Spa recreational area:

Large active pool with different jets and waterfalls,

Seats with water jets. bucket of cold water, ice fountain,

Showers of sensations and thermal shower,

Steam bath,

Finnish sauna, sanarium,

Footbath, pressure shower,

Bathrobe and towel included,

Slippers and hat included,

1 cocktail of your choice (with or without alcohol) at the Bay Lounge & Restaurant or Sugar Reef.

Spa hours from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.



Private sunset boat for couples from Corralejo:


Sail into the sunset with your special someone on a romantic, private charter to Lobos Island. Departing Corralejo in the early afternoon, relax on deck with a drink in hand as your crew sails through the sparkling turquoise waters. Go ashore at Playa de la Concha to enjoy your choice of water sports, or simply walk on the beach hand in hand. Enjoy a delicious Canarian dinner on the deck accompanied by wine, champagne and cheese as the sun dips below the horizon and the sea and sky are painted in the pink hues of sunset. All necessary equipment included. Dinner included Free drinks included Vegetarian food option available Services included Local guide Private tour Dinner Lobos Island disembarkation Hotel pickup Special alcoholic drinks (vodka, rum, whiskey).



I don't think there is anything more romantic than Cofete, the southern tip of the island. It is an almost surreal image of the landscape, you have the most intense feeling of freedom you can imagine, it is amazing. Although everyone has their own idea of ​​romanticism, I recommend enjoying that feeling at least once in your life!”


Muana Mboka :


Muana Mboka: expression that translates as “village boy.” This is a ticket back to the beginning of things, a hug to the roots, a tribute to memory.    A microcosm hides on the rocky terrain that concentrates the flavors of Africa and gives them a new dimension in which to manifest themselves within the Canary Islands. Conceptually, it is an outdoor dining experience.  

The menu is closed, although an interview is usually done before dinner to find out possible food tolerances and preferences of the attendees. For example: octopus from Fuerteventura, doro wat from Ethiopia, crunchy cassava crumbs and Canarian banana sauce. African fusion cuisine under the infinite stars. ​

You can only reserve a place through Instagram: muanambokataste and 3 weeks in advance since it is a very busy and private place.

Secrets Bahía Real :


Secrets Bahía Real Resort & Spa (for ages 16+), serving the best regional foods from around the world with a modern interpretation, offers seven of the best restaurant dining options in Corralejo: two of which are located on the beach, a buffet, a grill gas and two Japanese restaurants, where reservations are required. Vegetarian and gluten-free menu options are also available. Or enjoy one of our four wonderful bars where you can relax and savor our delicious and exclusive drinks and cocktails or order room service directly to your luxury suite. Restaurants open on a rotating basis throughout the week.



A marine-style establishment whose cuisine is simple but with top quality products. The atmosphere is cozy and its terrace offers magnificent views because it is located 3 meters from the beach.



Sharing a horseback riding excursion with your partner can be a very romantic experience. It is an activity that promotes cooperation and communication. The landscapes and moments shared on the beach can create unforgettable memories. It is a Relaxing and Therapeutic activity, the connection with the animal and the rhythmic movement of the horse can have a calming and relaxing effect. Additionally, being outdoors and enjoying the natural environment can improve mental and emotional well-being. In Fuerteventura, there are several companies and equestrian centers that offer horseback riding excursions along the beach, especially in the Corralejo area and its surroundings. 

Here are places to go on horseback excursions in Fuerteventura:

  1. Granja Tara

  2. Fuerteventura Horse Riding

  3. Centro Hípico Granja de Pozo Negro

  4. El Salobre Horse Riding

  5. Crines del Viento



Love loves surprises. Celebrate with your partner an intimate picnic prepared with a lot of love for you. It is the perfect Valentine's gift, birthday surprise, anniversary celebration or simply a spontaneous romantic activity to celebrate the love between the two of you.  At picnic fuerteventura you have the possibility of finding 3 different types of picnic,(have the same menu and drinks). Below we describe them so you can choose the one you like the most:



The entire picnic will be prepared individually for you before your arrival with comfortable pillows to sit on, wooden pallet, beautiful table decorations, romantic lighting and candles. The only thing you have to do is enjoy and have the best time of your life. Don't forget your camera to take amazing photos.

Menu: Plate of different types of cheeses and sausages, a variety of nuts, sauces with different vegetables and breadsticks, seasonal fruits and freshly baked bread. The food is prepared fresh and with love for you. If you have any dietary restrictions, please let us know.

Our goal is to prepare a personalized experience for you. Drinks Choose between traditional sparkling wine or Cava wine. Water is already included on the menu and all drinks are and will remain cold.



Having a luxury picnic is a unique experience that combines elegance with nature. Imagine enjoying an exquisite selection of fine foods and wines in a stunning natural setting. Details, such as careful decoration, comfortable cushions and personalized service, elevate the experience to another level.

This type of picnic offers the opportunity to disconnect from everyday life, enjoying the outdoors without giving up comfort and style. It is perfect for special celebrations or simply to pamper yourself with an extraordinary experience.



The secret to a good day is to see the sunrise with an open heart. The sunrise picnic experience for early risers who enjoy watching the world, while the sky is painting its masterpiece, is incredible and very romantic.



Touring the lighthouses of Fuerteventura is an original and romantic way to discover the geography of an island with more than 320 kilometers of coastline. And these constructions that shed light on the coastal waters always present great magnetism, whether due to their location in remote and beautiful places or because of all the stories that revolve around shipwrecks and the loneliness of the lighthouse keepers. Below we review the best lighthouses in Fuerteventura one by one:



In the northwest corner of Fuerteventura, the Tostón Lighthouse completes the triangle that signals navigation in the Bocaina Strait, next to the Pechiguera (Lanzarote) and Martiño (Islote de Lobos) lighthouses.

It is a must-visit enclave north of El Cotillo, as around it are the famous lagoons with crystal-clear waters protected by reefs, ideal for enjoying safe family bathing, and spectacular sunsets as the sun goes down. over the sea.

The Tostón Lighthouse reflects like no other the evolution of maritime signaling, by preserving the structures of the three lighthouses that were successively enabled. In the main building, the Museum of Traditional Fishing of Fuerteventura was set up. However, this center has opened to the public intermittently since its inauguration.

 Punta La Entallada


Punta Jandía:


It is a modern lighthouse and very far away in construction from the image that we normally associate with this type of buildings, as it has a “U” shaped plan and is composed of three cores made with lime and red pumice stone. The part that really acts as a lighthouse is the central one and barely reaches 12 meters high. However, this does not represent any inconvenience to perform its function, since the building stands on a cliff 200 meters high.

From that point you can admire unique panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean and the Cuchillos de Vigán, spectacular rock formations whose sharp appearance is due to the wear caused by erosion.

The Punta La Entallada lighthouse is located in the area of ​​the island closest to the African continent, with the Moroccan coast at a distance of approximately 100 kilometers.

This lighthouse, located at the southernmost end of the island of Fuerteventura. Built in 1864, its great attraction lies in the fact that it is located at the exact point where a land tongue ends, in a totally isolated volcanic landscape that faces the Atlantic Ocean.

Inside the building is the interpretation center of the Jandía Natural Park, where the geological characteristics, flora and fauna native to the Jandía peninsula are explained.

It also emphasizes the reasons why UNESCO declared Fuerteventura a Biosphere Reserve in 2009.

It can be accessed by car in approximately 40 minutes (22 kilometers) from the town of Morro Jable, although it would be advisable to make the trip in an all-terrain vehicle. There is also a 4×4 minibus that runs the route between this town and El Puertito, a small group of houses near the lighthouse where it is said that you can eat the best fish soup in Fuerteventura.

Morro Jable:


Still in the south of the island, the Morro Jable lighthouse is one of those that offers the easiest access, as it is located right on Matorral beach, a natural extension of four kilometers of white sand located in front of this town in the municipality of Bird.

However, the fact of being surrounded by an urban center and its modern aesthetics (it was built in 1996 with concrete) mean that it lacks the charm and beauty that those described above possess.

 San Martiño:


We leave for last this small lighthouse located north of the island of Lobos, a solitary rock that is located just over two kilometers from Corralejo and that is separated from Fuerteventura by a channel known as “El Río” or “Paso de Orchilla”. ”. To get to the islet it is necessary to take a ferry and tour the island following one of the two enabled trails. The most logical option is to take the outward route through one of them and return through the other, since there is hardly any difference in distance and thus you will be able to enjoy both paths (the one that goes along the coast and the one that crosses the islet by inside). Without a doubt, the landscape of Lobos Island will constitute a magnificent end point for this route through the best lighthouses in Fuerteventura.



Although the island of Fuerteventura is mainly known for its kilometer-long and paradisiacal beaches, it hides secrets that you cannot miss, among them the natural pool of Aguas Verdes or, as the Canarians call it, the Aguas Verdes puddle.

When the island was created, more than 100 million years ago, the lava, together with the erosion of the waves, created this watertight space where sea water penetrates, open to the Atlantic Ocean but protected from strong waves.

We could say that it is a perfect balance between the peace and tranquility that floating on the water provides, knowing that just a few meters away, behind the rocks, is the wild and chaotic nature of the ocean.

Aguas Verdes offers the opportunity to take a relaxed swim in an incredible environment. Its water is crystal clear, since the waves continually renew the interior of the pool, and the soundtrack, composed of the waves of the sea and some seagulls, could not be better.



The island offers ideal surfing conditions all year round, with a variety of beaches for different skill levels.

The pleasant climate and relaxed atmosphere create the perfect setting for a romantic vacation.

Additionally, after surfing, they can enjoy activities such as snorkeling, hiking, and dining by the sea.

The surfing community is welcoming and the NOMAD school offers them the best discount on the island with excellent and qualified instructors.



when you order 1 Surf Lesson or more



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Fuerteventura is a paradise for surfskate lovers. With its warm and sunny climate all year round, the island offers the perfect conditions to enjoy this outdoor sport. Its well-paved roads and boardwalks provide smooth, safe surfaces, ideal for sliding and practicing maneuvers.

Below we tell you about one of the best school: Surfskate Fuerteventura.

Their approach is personalized and with individualized attention. This ensures that every surfskate session is an exciting and safe learning experience.

They will explore the best spots on the island, from parks and specialized tracks to streets and squares perfect for challenging your skills. Not only will you learn how to ride and perform tricks on your skateboard, but you will also develop skills that will translate into improvements in surfing.

Their teachers will teach you how to improve your posture, correct bad habits and develop body awareness to make the most of your movements in the waves.



1 private surfskate class 



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Discover Isla Lobos with Javi, a local guide: 

Javi's Story:

Born in Fuerteventura, Javi has lived there all his life and since 2017 has been offering Zodiac excursions to Lobos Island. His family is closely tied to the island, where his grandfather was a lighthouse keeper for 60 years. Javi spent much of his childhood on Lobos, and his family owns a fisherman's cabin that has been passed down from generation to generation. Now, he invites others to enjoy the island and its history through his excursions.

What's included?:

Transportation: Zodiac transfer to Lobos from Corralejo and back.

Sports equipment: Bicycles, SUP (Stand Up Paddle), Snorkeling gear, and Kayaks.

Beverages: Wine, beer, soft drinks, and water.

Lunch: Freshly made paella on each trip, a classic Spanish dish with seafood, rice, and vegetables.

The Boat:

They offer excursions in the Atlantic Ocean with a Zodiac, a rigid inflatable boat (RIB). It is fast, very stable, and safe, ideal for adventures. Unlike a slow cruise, a Zodiac tour is fast and close to sea level, making it an exciting experience. Its stability allows for smooth navigation and makes it easy to jump into the water and get back on board, perfect for snorkeling.



Couple tour 


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Fuerteventura Beaches


Fuerteventura is famous for its stunning beaches, perfect for family enjoyment. Going to the beach is a favorite activity for kids, who love building sandcastles and splashing in the sea. All you need are some snacks and sun protection.

Los Lagos Beach (El Cotillo)

Los Lagos beaches in El Cotillo are perfect for families. Protected by a reef that prevents waves, they feature fine white sand and rich marine life, ideal for snorkeling. While they lack services, there are bars and restaurants nearby.

The Corralejo Dunes

The beaches of the Corralejo Dunes Natural Park have calm waters, ideal for families. On windy days, you can try windsurfing or kitesurfing. Highlights include Flag Beach, Entubadera, Riu Beach, El Moro, and El Burro, all surrounded by unforgettable desert scenery.

Caleta de Fuste Beach

This natural bay is sheltered from wind and waves, providing a safe environment for families. It offers amenities like sunbed rentals, umbrellas, showers, and restaurants. Additionally, you can visit the nearby Torre de San Buenaventura or Castillo de Fuste, a historical fortification.

Cofete beach:

It is an almost surreal image of the landscape, you have the most intense feeling of freedom you can imagine. This beach is amazing. 

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